paul_thbattlecoverPaul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences
The Battle Is Over (sold out)
cd single – JF014 – 2008-08-29

1. The Battle Is Over 
2. Music Is My Enemy (Tim Ten Yen Remix) 
3. The Evil Thoughts (Will Horsebox Remix)

‘The Battle is Over’ single (featuring Diana De Cabarrus of Candythief) 

Released on ULTRA LIMITED CD and download 25th August 2008 

After several months of releasing singles that aren’t going to be on their full length-debut album “We Are Not Other People”, Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences have decided to break with tradition with their fifth and final pre-album single “The Batle is Over”, which in fact does feature on the forthcoming album released September 15th. 

The single also breaks with Thee Awkward Silences’ recent run of garage-rock orientated singles, being at once a far more poppy and more lyrical effort – a sombre war song that focuses less on the political wranglings of international conflict and more on its effects on the people involved.. It is also the first song they’ve recorded to feature a guest vocalist, – Diana De Cabarrus of Fence Collective associated folksters Candythief adds an ethereally beautiful voice that perfectly contrasts and counters Hawkins’ charismatic growl. 

Lastly it is the first Awkward Silences single to feature remixes with Lamacq-endorsed maverick pop genius Tim Ten Yen remixing “I Fell in Love With A Moment in Time” and Norse indie virtuoso William Vaughan of Horsebox giving “The Evil Thoughts” the once over. Original versions of both songs feature on “We Are Not Other People”.

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