Benny Zen, The Recording Artist, Featuring The Syphilis Madmen

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Benny zen the Recording Artist featuring the Syphilis Madmen started producing noises in the cold summer of 2005.

Singer Peter used to play loud music with Nemo, difficult music with Mitsoobishy Jacson and even louder music with Ultracowboy. With the Syphilis Madmen (dàmn fine musicians) the sound is more like an unexpected surprise on a november evening; the scent of the grass in the park of a small city five minutes after a splash of rain in the middle of a hot summerday; philosophically interesting subjects and neurotic hillbilly ideas are combined with eclectic moodswings and technicolor as well as black&white arrangements and blablableueu.

Nevertheless, the songs will make all your mothers weep, all your fathers will be worried and your friends will question your mental stability. It’s a small price to pay.


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