The Horse Head Bed – Rudy Trouve, Elko Blijweert, Eric Thielemans Vinyl and Matt Watts New LP + CD!

This is the album I’ve been waiting for and let me tell you on this stormy Sunday it is sounding fantastic.

The Horse Head Bed is an instrumental Jazz trio that plays minimal rock jazz. They are influenced by Black Sabbath, Malombo Jazz Makers, Gabor Szabo, The Necks, Mark Springer, Pharoah Sanders, Cluster… and all things jazz

Eric Thielemans plays drums
Elko Blijweert plays guitar
Rudy Trouvé uses piano

Now this brand new Matt Watts album ‘Queens’ has totally blown my mind. If you need a reason to buy it Stef Kamil Carlens produces and plays and sings lots of vocals on it. Bjorn Eriksson, Nicolas Rombouts, Wim De Busser, Jim White and Sandy Dillon also appear on it.