Tape Cuts Tape, Mauro Pawlowski etc live New Shht! Video



Elko Blijweert & Joris Caluwaerts ★ Demon Geography
· Hosted by De Studio


Condor Gruppe – Het Depot

Mauro Pawlowski & Braaknoot Ensemble spelen Nacht en Ontij ·

Brand New Mauro Pawlowski project Braaknoot Ensemble, click on image above for more info and facebook link…

Mauro related projects tourdates stolen from mauroworld.net


2018, Apr 19 Braaknoot Ensemble Ancienne Belgique Brussel Belgium
2018, Apr 20 Braaknoot Ensemble Motel Mozaique Rotterdam Netherlands
2018, Apr 28 Gruppo di Pawlowski Het Oude Badhuis Antwerpen Belgium
2018, May 5 Wall Streets JH Sojo Kessel-Lo Belgium
2018, May 11 Stahlmus Delegation Le Lac Brussels Belgium
2018, May 18 Wall Streets Muziekodroom Hasselt Belgium
2018, Jun 9 The Mechanics De Singel Antwerpen Belgium
2018, Jun 23 Gruppo di Pawlowski Fête de la musique Namur Belgium
2018, Jul 14 Gruppo di Pawlowski Mad Cool Festival Madrid Spain
2018, Aug 4 Gruppo di Pawlowski Absolutely Free Festival Genk Belgium
2018, Nov 10 Gruppo di Pawlowski De Cacaofabriek Helmond Netherlands

THIS Saturday the musicians old bathhouse

Every month there are some musicians on our stage led by an ever-changing virtuoso. In April, it’s Rudy Trouvé’s turn. He collected an ironclad team. Expect an evening full of music, a journey to different styles, worlds, spheres on the improvised nuts of a flock of musicians.
Rudy Trouvé: leadership
Balances Henri: guitar
Elko Blijweert: guitar
Alan Gevaert: Bass
Alain Rylant: Percussion
Jeroen Stevens: drums
Buni Lenski: violin
Saturday 14 April | 20.30 pm

Entrance: 12 euro
Pop: 10 euro
Kansentarief: 2 EURO


Occurred the old bathhouse
Stuivenbergplein 38
2060 Antwerpe+