Plano Remoto – Miguel Sosa/Strumpets/Cassini Division

Hope this finds you with as much sanity left as possible… Well, it almost seems crazy to be trying to release a record in this climate but when it’s something as special as this it’s an indulgence we all need at this time… I know I’ve been missing Strumpets since Miguel Sosa went back to Argentina and I KNOW some great music has come out of that… Angels Die Hard and Wilderwolves and of course the continuation of Cassini Division… Well drum roll please because we now have PLANO REMOTO!!!!

It’s out on limited edition digipack CD and accross all digital platforms in our webshop and Bandcamp page where you can hear it in all it’s glory


A little back story – Miguel Sosa is an Argentinian who immersed himself if the Belgian music scene via his solo electronic project Cassini Division (who continue to this day and we have released 3 of these albums since his return to Argentina)… We already knew Miguel from his collaborations with Mauro Pawlowski (Evil Superstars/dEUS/Hitsville Drunks) in Parallels, Monguito and Rudy Trouve’s all star improv band iH8 Camera… How we really came to Miguel was the 2 very promising Strumpets albums of catchy whimsical Syd Barrett esque psychedelia that we released and then sadly he had to return to Argentina; the band continued singer less and became the excellent Angels Die Hard and we thought we might never see the singer songwriter side of Miguel again…… and now we have Plano Remoto!!! 
In Miguel’s own words…
Plano Remoto began in 2011 when I returned from Belgium after living for more than a decade in Antwerp (collaborating with Mauro Pawlowski in Parralels and Monguito and the all star Belgian improvisation band iH8 Camera) and releasing 2 albums with Strumpets and many more with my solo project Cassini Division coming back to Buenos Aires was like starting up again…
With the help of the bass player and singer Mike Young,  we started to jam and sing some tunes. We amassed a large quantity of recordings some on tape with the old Tascam 464. Those informal takes were the embryos of some the songs of the album. After working
with some drummers we decided to play with an old friend Lucas Becerra, he is a drummer, drum doctor, percussionist, recording engineer and the owner of the TDR studio in Martinez Buenos Aires.
During 2018 with no rehearsals, Mike and Lucas and I started to work on a few songs on Protools , just to try out.
Convinced with the positive results we thought on making a full album. The recording sessions were very relaxed, we tried different instruments, percussion, synthesizers guitars for each track,.
We invited the great Nico Courreges on double bass on “Fantasma”. After two years of Wednesdays night sessions the nine songs were done.
The mixing was done by Nico Pucci and the mastering by Diego Guerrero. The artwork is done by Joyce Vanhommerig
and the CD release by Jezus Factory.
The album of Plano Remoto took almost a decade to complete, the idea, the songs, the arrangements. The concept was to
work each song individually, making its own character.
The production was done by the trio, the styles variate among: bossa nova, prog rock, pop ballads, space jazz, surf, symphonic, psychedelia.
Baroque sometimes but not rococo!…
It was fun to make it and fun to share it!
Plano Remoto is :
Lucas Becerra : drums, percussion
Mike Young : bass, backing vocals
Miguel Sosa : guitar, synthesizers, harmonica, vocals.