Papernut Cambridge and Traktor!

It’s with no small amount of delight that Papernut Cambridge’s ‘Nutlets’ covers album is now officially released and it has to be one of the most enjoyable records of the year so far… I can’t recommend it enough and it comes in a dazzling array of formats that you can view in the shop… “Soundtracking the pirate radio transmitter of his mind” –  MOJO


  1. ‘Broken Hearted Blues’ ‘(T.Rex)
  2. ‘I Believe In Love’ (Hot Chocolate)
  3. ‘What Ruthy Said’ (Cockney Rebel) You Can Hear This One!!!
  4. ‘Jesamine’ (The Bystanders/The Casuals)
  5. ‘Sugar Me’ (Lynsey De Paul)
  6. ‘I’ve Been A Bad Bad Boy’ (Paul Jones)
  7. ‘Jealous Mind’ (Alvin Stardust)
  8. ‘Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)’ (Edison Lighthouse)
  9. ‘White Horses’ (Jacky)
  10. ‘Rockers Delight’ (Mikey Dread)

We have also been introduced to the band Traktor via Butsenzeller who played on the two albums they released… Definitely one for fans of Lionell Horrowitz and his Combo and Franko Saint De Bakker…. and also Tip Toe Topic, not least because Saar Van de Leest was a member and Elko Blijweert guests on their self titled album… Expect a mixture of rock, jazz, balkan and punk…. Both CD’s are nicely priced for you to dive in and take a punt!!