Millionaire T Shirts, iH8 Camera, Faye Dunaways Nu Nog Even Niet Back In Stocks

Since Millionaire are celebrating a Belgian smash hit Number One album in ‘Sciencing’ we have got hold of some t-shirts in grey and black for sale on the site. Aldo Struyf also brought us along some more Faye Dunaways EP’s (as he is currently on tour with The Mark Lanegan Band) so they are back in our shop for the first time in a long time…

Upon seeing Rudy Trouve in London making the music alongside Youri Van Uffelen and Eric Engels for De Roovers interpretation of Arthur Miller’s ‘A View From The Bridge’ he brought us over some long thought extinct iH8 Camera ‘Volume 2’ and Nu Nog Even Niet CD’s found languishing in a dark corner in Belgium… Now these have been sold out everywhere for YEARS so it was a nice little find….

There is just so much happening that is always worth keeping an eye on our facebook, twitter and instagram pages as we simply can’t put everything on here as we would be constantly annoying you with messages…. However Benny Zen have made a wonderful video for ‘Dark Pleasure’ from their latest album ‘Hits’. Please do have a listen and a watch here Wardrobe have made a video to ‘Limerace’ with some footage from the 1929 film High Voltage that you can listen and watch here Also Joy As A Toy have a video for ‘Hipsters Of The Apocalypse’ from their excellent Pascal Deweze produced album ‘Mourning Mountains’ that we have in our webshop (of course Jean-Philippe is currently playing with Lyenn and Aldo Struyf in the Mark Lanegan Band)