Grand Blue Heron Interview + Live, Rudy Trouve, Gruppo Di Pawlowski, Pascal Deweze TV Programme

Sometimes we have such an overwhelming amount of exciting news coming out we almost explode with excitement, so here are just some highlights of things going on at the moment… We missed what Zita Swoon, Faye Dunaways, Condor Gruppe and a host of others are up to but you can find out for yourself

The Grand Blue Heron vinyl is already enjoying a very healthy amount of praise, with DA Music calling it ‘without a doubt one of the better Belgian releases of the year’   , Famous Last Words saying that “The much needed indie revival, in its truest sense of the word, definitely begins here.” in fact they enjoyed it that much they did an  extensive interview with the band which is a MUST READ  There will also be an interview in the forthcoming issue of Gonzo Circus…. On the live front these few shows are in the pipeline and more to be announced…

– November 19: Muziekodroom – Hasselt – w/ Bo Ningen
– December 5: Den Trap – Kortrijk
– December 18: Ontwen Festival – Torhout – w/ Mombu, Onmens + others
– February 19, 2016: Taverne du Théatre – La Louvière

You can watch and listen to the video to Drone Saint HERE

If you can’t get to a record shop you can order the record HERE

Pascal Deweze was the subject of a CANVAS BE television programme which you can still watch online only if you live in Belgium… Certainly great news to see this great artist being recognised in this way…

Gruppo Di Pawlowski have two shows coming up this weekend at Het Bos on 30th and Cafe Cafe on 31st October….

14 NOVEMBER 2015, Antwerpen: EXPOSED MUSIC met o.a. Rudy Trouvé Trio met Elko Blijweert , Joris Caluwaerts & Rudy Trouvé!

21 NOVEMBER 2015, Antwerpen: FOREVER LOW met o.a. Rudy Trouvé, Elko Blijweert, Capsule, Eriksson Delcroix…


  1. 28 NOVEMBER 2015, DE STUDIO, Antwerpen: DE NACHT VAN PAFKE met o.a. Rudy Trouvé, Bert Lezy, The Valerie Solanas, Circus Bulderdrang,…