Elko Blijweert & Joris Caluwaerts – Demon Geography

In the year 2013 Elko Blijweert (Dead Man Ray, Kiss My Jazz) and Joris Caluwaerts (Stuff, Zita Swoon) released “Left Bank Drive”, music for and inspired by Wim Vandekeybus’ acclaimed film/theatre play “Monkey Sandwich”. Four years later, the multi-talented duo returns with the follow-up release “Demon Geography”. Even though the beautiful artwork by Saar van de Leest leads the potential listener to believe this may very well be the soundtrack to said movie’s sequel, this is a whole different beast altogether. If any movie indeed inspired this “soundtrack”, it was certainly an imagined one. Demon Geography’s musical palette reaches much further than its atmospheric predecessor did. Between the ominous tubular bells of the opening title track and the sweet closing ballad A Lie For Today, Blijweert, Caluwaerts and other musicians Simon Lenski (DAAU), Frans Van Isacker, Gert Wijninckx and Rose van de Leest take the willing listener on a journey from Les Paul-inspired silent-movie saloon music over tunes that remind of Ween, Telex and Heaven Hotel godfather Rudy Trouvé himself to a sinister disco track in which Blijweert shows off his sultry bariton voice and thus reveals himself as Antwerp’s left bank’s worthy successor of much-mourned Canadian singer/poet Leonard Cohen.

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  1. Demon Geography
  2. Terrestrial Acquaintance
  3. Eyes Gone Green
  4. Beeline Rag
  5. Wharf Of Deceit
  6. Sorrow (Demon Geography Part II)
  7. Green Moon Shines Down
  8. Journey To The Land Of Grey
  9. Mountain Jive
  10. A Lie For Today