Chantal Acda - The sparkle in our flaws

Chantal Acda – The Sparkle In Our Flaws LP + CD + In Session

We have a long history with Chantal Acda having released two True BypassCD’s and one Nu Nog Even Niet as well as stocking most of her releases

It’s great to watch her really begin to get the type of recognition she deserves for her big talent and hard work and also being one of the most warm spirited people you could meet; which bring us to her latest album ‘The Sparkle In Our Flaws’ which is out this Friday and already getting lots of nice reviews… Of course it is our pleasure to stock it on CD and LP + CD

You can watch and hear her in session at Studio Brussel which also includes a Low cover

You can also watch and hear the video to ‘Up And Down’ from the record here