Butsenzeller New Video – Evil Superstars Mania!

A few bits of Butsenzeller news… The new album “Seqs & drums & Rockin’ Synths” received great comments and reviews one of the latest is from Cutting Edge (in Dutch) 

There’s a brand new one for According To Plan !!!  Shot and edited by English filmmaker and photographer David “Lunch” Serra with footage from the UK tour we did in may. 
That same song will also appear on the Mind The Gap compilation CD that will come with the September Issue of Gonzo Circus magazine !
And besides the video’s that already existed from 2 songs of the Album “Rhythmic Shapeshifter” and “Warpspeed”

Of course the vinyl is still available from our webshop

Evil Superstars for those of you living under a rock, played a triumphant set at Pukkelpop which we hope ends up in full on the internet… Of course an absolutely seminal band for Jezus Factory and us as people, it’s great to see them get such recognition for their work and hopefully expose some new fans who will take notice of what the various members have been doing now and since….