Benny Zen new single

Benny Zen New Single Elko Blijweert stream TaxiWars Live and Deadman Orchestra

The brand new 6th BENNY ZEN studio album ‘HITS’ is coming upon us and to celebrate that occasion there is the new video to the first single called ‘Better New Ape’ for your listening and viewing pleasure… There is a launch show on 9th Feb in Hasselt  
For my money one of the most consistently entertaining bands in Belgium, you might know Peter Houben from Mitsoobishy Jacson, Nemo or Ultracowboy… This is their 6th album since we released their debut back in 2009… That is nearly an album of all killer no filler a year… Don’t let these guys become the Belgian Ramones; appreciate them why they are hear, dip your hand in your pocket and support independent music!!

Not sure how many kool points Elko Blijweert has earnt but VICE are streaming his debut solo album with it’s glow in the dark sleeve… Believe the hype!!!

For us UK people TaxiWars are playing The Waiting Room on 13th February…

Youri Van Uffelen who you may know from Pasmans with Rudy Trouve and iH8 Camera has a new EP out under the name of DEADMAN ORCHESTRA and you can find out more by clicking on the text!