zita1Zita Swoon
Wait For Me
full cd – – 2010-05-05

Stef travelled to Burkina Faso, and was introduced to singer Awa Démé and balafon player Mamadou Diabaté Kibié who are both griots, popular traditional storytellers. This encounter turned out to be the starting point of a fascinating collaboration. Stef Kamil spent a lot of time with them and they soon found a way to combine Mamadou and Awa’s West African melodies and patterns with Stef’s blues-rooted style. 

Album tracks : Sababu (The Reason) | A Sera, A Waara (He Came, He Went) | Tasuma/ Ji (Fire/Water) | Taare (Surprise) | A Ni Baara (Greetings To He Who Works) | Nisòndiya (Joy) | Taamala Fisa (It’s Good To Travel) | Sia Slide | Ala Lon Man Di (God Is Hard To Know) | Ko Bènna Waati (Everything Has It’s Time) | A y’i Majigin (Respect yourself) | Nègèn (To Flatter)

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