zita_toplayZita Swoon – To Play, To Dream, To Drift: An Anthology 2CD

A fantastic starting point for anyone new to Zita Swoon and a great collection or rare tracks on disc 2 for the connoisseur

Album tracks : Disc 1 : | TV Song | Jintro & The Great Luna | Ice Guitars | Giving Up The Hero | She = Like Meeting Jesus | Our Daily Reminders | My Bond With You And Your Planet: Disco! | Fun For Free | Hot Hotter Hottest | People Are Like Slamming Doors | Hey You, Watshadoing? | Thinking About You All The Time | Josiesomething | I Feel Alive In The City | Quand Même Content

Disc 2 : Babe I’ll Be Sad When I See You Again | Melinda’s Blues | Hangover In The Laundry | Spike Smiths’ For All Lost Goods | Two Horses Blues | Looking For A Friend | The Wind Got Lost In The Sky | Exit Loneville | Orpheus | Thinking About You All The Time | Intrigue | Lonely Place | Wake Up For The Trees

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