rudy_songsThe Rudy Trouvé Septet
Songs and Stuff Recorded Between 2003 and 2007 Part One
full cd – HH0705 – 2008-02-04

Stunning new CD from Rudy’s expanded big band. 

The Rudy Trouvé Septet new CD “Songs and Stuff Recorded Between 2003 and 2007 Part One.” 
Released in the UK on 4th Feb 2008 via Heaven Hotel Presents and distributed 
via Shellshock.
Belgium’s most inventive guitarist and songwriter Rudy Trouvé (dEUS, Kiss My Jazz, Dead Man Ray, The Love Substitutes, Pox) returns with a brand new album of lo-fi rock on his very own label Heaven Hotel Presents.


1. Blondie 
2. Till The Next Time Around 
3. Fall Down 
4. At The End Of A Sweltering Day 
5. A Stroke Of Grey Hair 
6. A Play 
7. Here It Comes Now 
8. Theme From The Narrow Gate 
9. Zum Ze 
10. Hallway Scene From Landscape With A Corpse 
11. One Day Our House Will Become So Heavy That It Will Sink Into The Earth 
12. Sounds Like Portuguese 
13. Un, Deus, Trois, Soleil 
14. Matchead 
15. Carsong 
16. The Sound Of A Quiet Summer Evening 
17. The Family’s Revenge 
18. Three Blocks Away 
19. Blue Eye 
20. Moody And Depri 
21. Target Is Approaching (40) 
22. Instant Pleasure 
23. Si On Droit 
24. Final Theme From A Landscape With A Corpse 
25. Blondie (Full Mix)

“Quietly spoken, end of the night minimalist brilliance”. KERRANG! 

“Trouvé has found the vitriolic light-footedness of Velvet Underground, but quite some pinches brighter.”. WHITE HEAT 

“Trouve’s contributions are models of inspired home recording in a combination of lo-fi roughness and echo familiar to any number of 90s bedroom performers and more pristine performances that result in a lovely blend”. ALL MUSIC GUIDE 

“Rudy Trouve occasionally reminds me of The Evens, but also of Jim White – work that one out if you can, it’s beyond me. He keeps it stripped down and raw, often just his guitar and voice, but this only amplifies the soul and emotion in what he does.” SUBBA CULTCHA 

“…conjures up images of Robert Pollard’s indie rock staples, Guided By voices. Trouve’s advantage is, if the song has heart then it will succeed. It does. ‘The God Of Small Disasters’ has an almost Joy Division doom hidden behind the fragile guitar playing and vocal. Haunting.” PLASTIC ASHTRAY

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