tct_blackmoldTape Cuts Tape – Black Mold – CD Option or Vinyl With CD

Two years after their first album ‘Pagan Recorder’, Tape Cuts Tape releases its successor. Nothing is what it seems in the sonic world of Tape Cuts Tape. In a very natural way they combine utter chaos with sheer musical beauty, and once more they pull it off honourably. Tape Cuts Tape is Rudy Trouvé, Lynn Cassiers and Eric Thielemans.

Eric Thielemans – Drums, Effects 
Lynn Cassiers – Voice, Toys, Effects 
Rudy Trouvé – Guitar, Keys, Effects, Voice
Effect gear based mutated pop ranging from folk, white dub, post punk, soundtracks, art rock to world music.

The record was produced by Pascal Deweze of Sukilove (production credits include Creature With The Atom Brain, Black Cassette and Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms) and mastered by Uwe Teichert (Public Enemy, Placebo, dEUS, Soulwax)
Tracks :
1 : black mold 2 : metal air 3 : deep garden 4 : sludge 5 : objects on string 6 : rundfunk 7 : loose thought 8 : moon over beach

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