Pox are – Mark Meyers – vocals, guitar. Koen Van den Camp – keyboards, Jurgen Leclercq – bass, Rudy Trouve – guitar, Dirk De Hooghe – drums.

Mark Meyers was an early member of dEUS, but perhaps his most widely noted contributions to the Antwerp music scene was his tenure with the legendary Belgian Big Band Kiss My Jazz.

Pox formed in Antwerp in 2005 when Mark Meyers and Koen van de Camp decided they wanted to soup up the sound of their previous co-operation Plank. Jurgen Leclerq, an old acquaintance and guitarist in Wall of Sweat, was asked to join on bass. After a couple of rehearsals with drummer Bekin Ratta, Rudy Trouvé joined the band. With this line-up a first demo was recorded. A decision is made to simplify the drum sound en Craig Ward (dEUS/The Love Substitutes) takes to the drum seat. A single track is recorded for the Jezus Factory compilation album. The recording of a full cd is scheduled but the nomadic nature of Craig (who moves to another country) leaves Pox in need of a new drummer. Percussionist Dirk D’Hooge tries out and in no time masters the minimalistic drumming Craig had introduced. Craig returns to Antwerp briefly during the recording of ‘Down on your House’, adding a couple of overdubs and mainly joining Rudy on the producing/mixing side of things.

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