Put simply the best Belgian soundtrack album in my opinion since Zita Swoon did Sunrise, this is a highly listenable album with a lot of writing and singing from Rudy and one track written by Aldo Struyf of Creature With The Atom Brain. The whole thing was produced by Tom Pintens of Zita Swoon/Flowers For Breakfast Fame… 

Musicians : 
Rudy Trouvé – Youri Van Uffelen – Gunther Nagels – Ephraïm Cielen – Tim Liebaert

The perfect Sunday Morning hangover record. 

The music is the soundtrack of the play ‘Dwaallicht’ from Braakland/ZheBilding performed by Rudy Trouvé, Youri Van Uffelen, Gunter Nagels, Ephraïm Cielen and Tim Liebaert,who dubbed themselves the Family Pasmans. 

Dwaallicht is based on the (nearly) same named book by Willem Elsschot, is produced in coproductie with ‘De Stad Van Elsschot’, came to live in coöperation with ‘De Zomer Van Antwerpen’, and was finished coöperating with Kulturama. 

Hear some here 

Dwaallicht is still touring until July 2011 throughout the country, accompagnied by the musicians who perform live every play, check the live dates on Braakland/zheBilding, or on our live pages.

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