magnus0Magnus – Where Neon Goes To Die – CD and Vinyl versions

Long awaited second album from Magnus, band of Tom Barman (dEUS) and CJ Bolland, with guest appearances from Tim Vanhamel (Evil Superstars, Millionaire, Broken Glass Heroes) who is also in the live band. Also appearing Sjoerd Bruil (Sukilove, Broken Glass Heroes, Black Cassette, Gruppo Di Pawlowski), Mauro Pawlowski and Alan Gevaert (dEUS) and Joris Caluwaerts (Zita Swoon)

Tom Barman (vocals, guitar) 
CJ Bolland (keys)

+ live: 
Tim Vanhamel (vocals, guitar) 
Christophe Claeys (drums) 
Joris Caluwaerts (keys) Zita Swoon

1 Puppy (feat. Tim Vanhamel)
2 Last Bend (feat. Blaya)
3 Trouble On a Par (feat. Mina Tindle)
4 Future Postponed
5 Catlike
1 Regulate (feat. Billie Kawende)
2 Everybody Loves Repetition (feat. Selah Sue)
3 Getting Ready (feat. David Eugene Edwards)
4 Singing Man (feat. Thomas Smith)
5 Death Of Neon

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