sarahI Love Sarah – Isle of Sarah – full vinyl – ALO 014 – 2009-02-28

# Gatefold vinyl LP 
# Free dice! Free ganzenbord! 
# Performed by I Love Sarah, recorded by Pascal Deweze, mastered by Uwe Teichert 
# Artwork by Jonas Allard 
# Every record comes with a free coupon to download the album in mp3 format

Tracks :
1 : Isle of Sarah 2 : De Fons 3 : Cornelius 4 : Twinkle 5 : Toothbrush 6 : Greensleeves (Chinaman, You Must Die) 7 : Zilch(ke Scoren) (No Lacism In China) 8 : QCQ L Zouk? 9 : Heil Of Sarah 

Musicians :
Jeroen Stevens  Rutger de Brabander

“armpit-fresh rambling pop” (

“There is an electrical current which flows from these two opposites and creates the sensation of being hit by a “a slice of lemon, wrapped around a large gold brick” as Douglas Adams would say. If you like your rock with posts in it, you can’t fail to love this band!” (

“simple music” (Belgian newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen)

“Their music reminds of mobile ringtones and rings in my ears like a beautiful story we tell to our children to scare them. And it works ! Unbelievable ! Goddamn ! This is pure music, between pop, degenerated rock and not giving a fuck.” (

“The drummer was talented, the avant-garde pop level was high, they put things on fire, covered Thin Lizzy, used Casio sound effects without making fools out of themselves, changed tempo like they’d never done anything else and overcame every technical problem.” (

“I Love Sarah builds songs around Casio melodies, noisy guitarriffs and advanced percussion. With loop machines the duo gets a full sound without endlessly repeating the same theme. […] The band succesfully explores the thin line between genius and arty wanking. […] Pandas dance through the grass and they make the dew jump up in slow motion. […] I want more.” (

“Junk, shit, pretentious masturbation. […] Genius! What excitement! […] I wouldn’t let Jani Jani drive the van1.” (Belgian magazine HUMO) –

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