Gruppo di pawlowski - Neutral village massacre

A whole group full of fat sinister geniuses from some of the best bands of all time…

*Mauro Pawlowski (dEUS, Evil Superstars, Mauro & the Grooms, The Love Substitutes, Kiss My Jazz, Mitsoobishy Jackson,…) *Sjoerd Bruil (Tim Vanhamel, Sukilove, Black Cassette, Broken Glass heroes…) *Ben Younes Zahnoun (Eat Lions, The Rott Childs, A Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen…) *Pascal Deweze (Sukilove, Broken Glass Heroes, Black Cassette, Nemo, Metal Molly…) *Elko Blijweert (Tip Toe Topic, Kiss My Jazz, I H8 Camera, Rudy Trouvé Septet,…) *Jeroen Stevens (I love Sarah, Black Cassette, I H8 Camera…)

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