Condor_Gruppe_Volume_1CONDOR GRUPPE – Volume 1 – 7″

First in a series of 3… Sold Out!

A. Ondt Blod 
AA. Bloedhond (the Dragon Chimneys Remix) – Done by Tim Vanhamel!

Artwork by Marie Sledsens/Dear Reader.

Condor Gruppe is: 
Jan Wygers (Mauro and the Grooms, Creature With The Atom Brain,…) 
Milan Warmoeskerken (Flying Horseman, Mittland och Leo,Blackie & The Oohoos…) 
Krist Torfs (White Circle Crime Club) 
Kris Delacourt (Meuris, Crimpers,…) 
Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen (Creature With The Atom Brain, Dead Stop)

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