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CONDOR GRUPPE formed in 2012 around two friends living in Antwerp, Jan and Michiel. Looking for a way to express their shared love for obscure Italian 70’s soundtracks, spaghetti westerns, surf‐music, worldgrooves and krautrock, they teamed up with Krist Torfs, Kris Delacourt and Milan Warmoeskerken, three well talented musicians. 
The album, called LATITUDS DEL CAVALL, will be released as an LP and CD on Condor 
Men Records, the band’s own label. The record contains 9 exotica fueled songs which echoe 
the sound of an intoxicated ride through the desert, an oriental excursion by night and a 
fuzzy spaced out guitar, all of these elements backed by a solid and groovy rhythm section, 
keeping you headnodding and stomping on hot, sweaty nights. 
The result is a diverse and adventurous trip throuh music history and th eband’s own dusty 
record shelves, going from Arthur Lyman to Ennio Morricone and the mighty Can. 
“Just like a little child pulling his balloon back to earth while walking around exploring”, that 
is Condor Gruppe music… 

Condor Gruppe is: 
Michiel Van Cleuvenbergen (Creature With The Atom Brain, Dead Stop) 
Jan Wygers (Mauro and the Grooms, Creature With The Atom Brain, Hitsville Drunks…) 
Milan Warmoeskerken (Flying Horseman, Mittland och Leo,…) 
Krist Torfs (White Circle Crime Club) 
Kris Delacourt (Meuris, Crimpers,…) 

Condor Gruppe music and info: 

Album Teasers and clips: 
Album Teaser I: 
Album Teaser II:‐pEyaI 
Album Teaser III: 
SIngle I ‐ Ondt Blod:‐zY5xew 
Single II ‐ Digging For Gold:‐McGs

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