Broken Glass Heroes are the brainchild of Tim Vanhamel (known from bands as Millionaire, Evil Superstars, Eagles of Death Metal & dEUS) and Pascal Deweze (Sukilove, Metal Molly, Black Cassette).

Invited to compose the entire score for a new hidden camera sketch show called “Benidorm Bastards” which in the UK is known as hit ITV Sunday night TV show “Off Their Rockers’ – which sees senior citizens turn the tables on unsuspecting members of the public in a series of ‘funny’ and unexpected pranks – the sky was the limit. Looking for and finding inspiration in the sixties and seventies, they both stepped way out of their usual comfort zones. But with great success. 
Although not all music by Broken Glass Heroes was incorporated in Off Their Rockers, some of the tracks did make it in, fortunately, amongst which the lovely “Delphonic” used over the closing title and already bombed “Record of the Week” by RocknRail (“a lovely piece of short, simple, sweet, downtempo-esque, lazy guitar driven music paradise”), quite rightfully so. 
Energised by the vibe and the results of their collaboration and eager for “more”, Tim and Pascal decided to kick things up a notch and to turn the tunes and jingles into full-blown, sexy, atmosperic, feelgood songs that sound strangely familiar – calling to mind sweltering hot summers in the mid sixties and the smell of vinyl – but yet refreshingly contemporary with wayward rock ’n roll and soft psychedelia always lurking around the corner. The result can be heard on “Grandchildren Of The Revolution”, a full album holding no less than 14 songs that make up an undeniably fresh and rollicking whole. 
“At first it felt like a stylistic exercise”, explains Deweze. “And for the first five or six songs we took a very stoic approach to things – we’d even planned to bring in guest vocalists – but as we moved along it became increasingly difficult to hide our personalities and our love for the genre. That’s why we feel like these songs didn’t become pastiches: although there was no need to reinvent the wheel, we certainly tweaked the sound by letting our own personalities shine through.”

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