Benjaminshaw_poxCombining abstract storytelling with fiery musical cluster bombs, Benjamin Shaw has given us a beautifully bitter debut that boasts both fragile innocence and homicidal fantasy – an unforgettable and purifying experience. Get the Pox.

Complete lyrics. Handmade artwork. The Carepeteer Video  When I Fell Over In The City Video

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“Fastidiously DIY in sound…A ‘name’ for 2010.” – God is in The TV

“Ben inspires a rare empathy in the listener – sharing his plight but also the glimmers of light that work their way to the surface…Genuine moments of laughter…the English trait of laughing in the face of misery exemplified…Up there with the best of this year…on the ‘to watch’ list for 2010 – 8/10.” – The Music

“Underground notoriety beckons – 8/10.” – Rock

“An alternative idol in waiting…” – Fractions Of

“A cracked and beautiful voice, with a series of gently electronic infused laments of love, loss and disenchantment. Quite beautiful.” –

“Benjamin Shaw had a few more surprises tucked away than I first thought. I would definitely love to hear more. CD of the week.” – Nic Dalton (The Lemonheads), Half a

“Defiantly ramshackle. The only fear is that Shaw’s style may fail to attract the attention it deserves.” – The Skinny

“His lyrics are delivered flat so they stick in your soul like a stake…dangerous but completely seductive. Benjamin Shaw is a one-man wall in a dark alleyway of sound, and I’ll be looking out for him. 9/10.” – Music Emissions

“Benjamin vocal’s are very distinct and a whole host of adjectives can be used to try and describe them but it’s almost impossible to do so – 4/5.” – Tracks Monkey

“Defiantly lo-fi values cloak soul baring singer-songwriterliness as if essayed at the end of a very long and uncomfortably active night, throwing everything off course with electronic layers, noises and the inscrutability of his lyrical worldview.” – Sweeping The Nation

Apathetic, suureal and violent…This is probably enjoyed from the wrong side of a bottle of wine, like the singer appears to be – 7/10.” – Die Shellsuit Die!

“Pockets of noise followed by a naive pop song fullof self pity and quavering emotion…Hopelessly catchy.” –

“Magnificent.” – Jack Hayter, Hefner

“A ‘singer-songwriter’ who obviously isn’t happy with the connotations that tag would bestow upon him. He’s fighting to find his own voice in a sea of tepid waters soiled by the likes of Jame’s Morrison and Blunt.” – Tasty

“Alive in a raw that almost lost years ago…Benjamin Shaw has proven that one man and a bunch of sounds can make something different – something good too. His acoustic based musings are from the soul, just as music should be.” – Chaos Before

“Distortion, self-deprecation, and humour. I can’t wait to see what he puts out next.” – Creative Intersection

“A surprisingly layered record…real swells of sound. A smothering blanket of melancholy…I look forward to a full album.” – Song By

“Folk and other exeperimentations are used to build an inner world as tortured as possible. Similar to Troy Von Balthazar, with more Prozac.” – Converse Or Not Converse

“Every word is loaded, and every crack in his voice is worth a million monologues – this is the epitome of an ‘intimate’ record…He’s a wall-of-sound. He’s a genius. He’s produced one of the best debuts I’ve ever come across. I’ll be looking out for this man. Everywhere I go.” – The Rock Machine

“Benjamin Shaw’s vocals are very much his own.” – I Shot the

“It comes packaged in a fantastic brown envelope style sleeve.” – Rough Trade

“All the songs are drawn together by Shaw’s distinctive voice and his knack for disenchanted storytelling. He really knows what he’s doing – 9/10.” – Archelons Gravity

“Intense would be the wrong word. It feels almost voyeuristic. Raw talent…it’s the deal of the century!” –

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