Babies vs Rabies is now dead:

A great big thank you goes out to everybody that supported us along our rather short and intensely chaotic life. Really appreciate it.

Anyway, in a cruel twist of irony we recorded what we consider our finest work a few weeks ago:
The ep ‘Man Fails’ was recorded by Paul Tipler (80′s Matchbox, Idlewild, Placebo) and unfortunately this will now be left to float amongst the ether, along with our album ‘Flies off the Bride’ and the ep ‘Dirge in the Sea Mines’.

In a way it’s all rather apt – “Man Fails”.

However, I must add that i’m really rather proud of what we achieved artistically. The concept of the band came before the conception, and we stuck to that. Babies vs Rabies was an art installation. An imagined escape that at once glorifed and yet distilled the more deviant aspects of what we all feel as humans. It stuck to it’s guns. We failed. As does humanity. Humans are destined to fail. It’s ingrained in us all.

BVR was designed to cleanse the band members of sin; a feast of fools.

Subject matter:

Flies off the Bride – Failed love and sexual jealousy
Dirge in the Sea Mines – Greed and the power of nature
Man Fails – The wretchedness of man and his ongoing search for redemption.

You can purchase our back catalogue via the following links:

‘Flies off the Bride’ via
‘Dirge in the Sea Mines’ via

‘Man Fails’ is available in a very limited edition handmade physical format via so if you would like to own what I consider to be a very worthwhile and poignant musical artefact keep your eyes peeled.

Happy New Year!

Adam (BvR guitarist)


Babies vs Rabies was;

Duncan Butler- Vocals
Adam Crosland – Guitars
Matthew Sirrelle – Drums

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