Solo project of Rob Eelen from Strumpets/Angels Die Hard

Wanting to become a drummer; Wilderwolves’ Rob Eelen wrestled himself through a year of music theory during his childhood, only to find out afterwards that no drums were available at his local music academy anymore. At the age of fifteen Eelen falls in love with the music of lo-fi songsmith Will Oldham, known then under his alter ego Palace Music. Soon after he stumbles upon his father’s old Morris guitar and starts to pick his way through the days, determined to become a singer songwriter. Years later, after finally saving up for a drum set, he remains true to his do it yourself attitude and teaches himself the ropes of putting down some rhythm. He starts playing the drums with bands as Strumpets (who recently released their second record to critical acclaim in the likes of Record Collector and Shindig!) and Angels Die Hard. However, guided and inspired by his childhood heroes, Palace music and Smog, and later on by Howe Gelb, Matt Ward and Jeff Tweedy, Eelen has taken his sweet time to brood on the music he wants to make. And now, at the ripe age of thirty-two, under the guise of “Wilderwolves,” he recorded his S/T debut album. Aided by producer and musician Geert Van Bever and with a little help from a few musical friends, Eelen has recorded most of the instruments himself; filling his songs with the authentic and emotionally raw sound he likes so much. His tracks are melancholic, honest and sober, but quite often carry a vicious, unexpected punch.

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