Finnish/British Dirty Doom Metal band unleash their debut release on Jezus Factory

The Story So Far… 

Frederic Lindfors – guitars/bass/drums 
Jaakko Riipinen – drums 
James Price – lyrics/vocals 

The Snake of June was formed in Helsinki at the end of the Summer 2006 over a love of metal and hard booze. Of course, like all things, it remained talk until Frederic and James got together with a CDR of drum tracks Jaakko had laid down some time previously. After generally pissing around and having a laugh, they decided that the stuff was ok but the chemistry was good and they were capable of better. 

The Butcher’s Period captured some of the songs that would make up their debut release. In the winter of 2007 the boys headed to the studio and recorded 4 tracks, 2 of which are now on the debut EP, Faster Than Eagles and Stars. Work commitments and family matters led to some down time for the band as they focused on different things. 

Following a trip to England in the summer the boys were offered a chance to cut an EP for the indie label Jezus Factory. Initially it was decided they had enough material to do this already, but then began talk of recording some new tracks for the release. Disaster struck however as Butcher’s was condemned and torn down within months of this decision. The project stalled. 

Winter 2008 and the band made it to Harju studio for a day. Fuelled by shit weather, toxic pizza and Scotch they cut two new tracks, Blood Red Sun and Poisoned Black Moon. Now the time was right and after discussing with the Jezus Factory again the project was back on track.

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