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The Beat Maras formed at Art College in Cornwall. They hooked up with old friends from as far a field as Israel. All now living in and around London they have been using 2 studios, one from the kindness of ‘Get Cape Wear Cape Fly’ and another rented on Brick Lane. The Beat Maras like to think of themselves as the band that appeals to ‘down to earth brickies’ and the ‘up in air hippies’. 

The band is comprised of: 

Alex Templeton T-bone -Ward – lead Vocals, Omnichord, circuit bending, saw and general weirdness. Also plays bass in live London legends, Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences. 
Stuart Ward – Rhythm guitar and backing Vocals. He didn’t speak for a year. 
Eddy ‘The Gun’ – Lead guitar. Is a plumber by day. 
Louis ‘The Sheriff’ – percussion and drums. Makes pies for a living. 
Robert ‘the Graveyard Bond’ – bass. Is the graveyard bond.

The Beat Maras recently won a landslide victory in a competition that unknown to them, one of their friends put them forward for and were requested to do a live lounge session on BBC radio followed by recording an exclusive track for a pod-cast.

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