Since their inception in early 2005 Suzerain have consistently refined and developed their sound in the live and studio arena and attracted a large cult following from their fearsome live performances. 

From the get go Suzerain were adamant they would do things their way. Self financed and released CD’s; the first promotional video to be entirely recorded on mobile phones; arranging tour-busses for their fans and being the only unsigned band to play the O2 Wireless festival have culminated in Suzerain’s victory against strong competition to win the Indy Awards ‘Best Alternative Act this year’. The recent recruitment of keyboardist, cellist and classically trained music maverick Matt Constantine has added a whole new element to an already intoxicating sound. Gigs at such legendary venues as Camden Underworld, Madame Jo Jo’s (where they became practically the house band!), The Scala and a recent tour of the Channel Islands has done much to increase the rising profile of this band as have frequent comparisons with NIN, Depeche Mode and even early Scissor Sisters.

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