Static Moves
full cd – SLR11 – 2009-10-05

Maybe the best record we have ever released?

find out why here

Since forming in Antwerp, Belgium in 2002 Sukilove have built a reputation as one of Belgium’s most interesting and daring bands. Frontman and main songwriter Pascal Deweze (Metal Molly, Mitsoobishy Jacson, Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms, Chitlin’ Fooks and Ih8 Camera) is a master of textural songwriting combined with twisted pop melody. Recent career highlights include numerous festival appearances including this year’s Pukkelpop festival, US tours, support slots with David Bowie and appearing on a Mojo commissioned ‘Revolver Reloaded’ Beatles cover album. The relationship with Jezus Factory Records began when a long time admiration led to the organization of UK dates and then 2008’s ‘Natural Regression EP’ which saw the band gain significant UK press acclaim; bizarrely the first track ‘You Kill Me’ ended up being used on the BBC programme ‘Kill It, Cook It, Eat It’. Sukilove include in their ranks drummer Stoffel Verlackt who was a member of the legendary Flowers For Breakfast and guitarist Sjoerd Bruil also plays for Tim Vanhamel of Millionaire in his solo band as well as his own band Black Cassette. Their fourth full album ‘Static Moves’ is the first album to be recorded in Pascal’s own Studio Jezus (where he has produced albums for the likes of Creature With The Atom Brain (featuring Mark Lanegan), Tom Pintens and The Van Jets ao). With no studio clock ticking, one would expect recording sessions to last forever (or possibly longer), including massive overdubs, meticulously recorded stereo xylophones, the odd violin ensemble and candlelit meditation interludes for the musicians to focus their inner energy. Actually, it took a mere 14 days and they recorded the whole thing live, leaving only the vocals and an occasional piano to be added later. The result is a raw and intense collection of songs. Pascal describes the new record as “homo erotic rock without the glitter”. ‘Static Moves’ was mastered by Uwe Teichert (dEUS, Placebo, Public Enemy). 
Sukilove stand for honesty, integrity and quality.

1.New beginning 
2.4 AM 
5.Teeth fitness 
6.Choose yr gods 
8.When you smile 
9.Memory as a skull 
11.Dismissal by phone 
12.Leave me alone

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