Natural Regression EP
EP – JF009 – 2008-04-21

Released on CD digipack and download 21.04.08 Distributed via Shellshock in the UK 

Jezus Factory are proud to be able to offer this limited edition EP from acclaimed Belgian band Sukilove; a band who have won ZAMU awards, released 3 well received studio albums on PIAS and Parasol, have successfully toured the US and count David Bowie as a fan. 

Frontman and main songwriter Pascal Deweze is one of Belgium’s brightest talents, emerging with his first band Metal Molly and forming Sukilove as an avenue for his quieter side which since the self titled debut, has got progressively louder through second album ‘You Kill Me’ and most recently the pop has got more discordant with the latest ‘Good Is In Your Bones’. Pascal has long been a collaborator with Mauro Pawlowski (current dEUS guitarist and previous Evil Superstars frontman) most notably with Mitsoobishy Jacson and Shadowgraphic City. Most recently he was announced as member of Mauro Pawlowski & The Grooms. Drummer Stoffel Verlack was a member of the legendary Flowers For Breakfast and Sjoerd Bruil also plays guitar for Tim Vanhamel of Millionaire in his solo band (who recently supported Smashing Pumpkins) as well as his own band Black Cassette. 

This exclusive EP of previously unreleased material features a new recording of ‘You Kill Me’; a live version of ‘Pretty Kitty’ and 2 brand new studio tracks, ‘Beauty is Here’ and ‘Headfire’. 

The relationship between band and label began when the label (long time Sukilove admirers) were precocious enough to ask for the track , ‘Girl On The Moon’ to be included on the ‘Welcome To The Jezus Factory’ compilation album; we got on and ended up organising the band’s UK debut gigs late last year… They went well and we all got along grand so we decided to push our luck that little bit further and the result is this stunning EP recorded especially for us. The EP comes in a card digi pack with artwork from the legendary designer Herman Houbrechts (Millionaire, Evil Superstars, Admiral Freebee etc etc) and the EP was mastered by Uwe Teichert (dEUS, Public Enemy, Placebo). This is a truly special release. 

1. You Kill Me (2008) 2. Beauty is Here 3. Headfire 4. Pretty Kitty (Live)

“Swooning, painfully pretty pop” Rolling Stone 

“Shines with “Sgt. Pepper”-era Beatles. Pure Magic” The Virginian 

“Nearly flawless disc.” Splendid

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