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The word Strumpet emanated from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI: “I will chastise this high-minded strumpet”. 

What would you expect from an album fronted by Miguel Sosa; the man behind noise core free jazz band The Parrallels (alongside Mauro Pawlowski, Tim Vanhamel, Jereon Stevens and Sickboy) who is also a member of Belgium’s most infamous collective of sonic terrorism iH8 Camera??!! 

Certainly not one of the most beautiful and tuneful psychedelic pop records you could hope to hear. 

Strumpets is a rock band from Antwerp, Belgium formed in November of 2007 leaded by the Argentinian Miguel Horacio Sosa. Strumpets started originally as a solo studio project that later evolved into a band with Elko Blijweert, Jeroen Stevens, Jan Stoop and Farid Zahoun. ‘Hello Strumpets’ was recorded by Greg Brems in Begonia Studios (Antwerp). The album was co-produced by the band, the mix and mastering was done in Buenos Aires (Argentina) by Nicolas ” Parker ” Pucci. Special guest appearances included Mauro Pawlowksi from dEUS (who sang some lead vocals) and Pascal Deweze of Sukilove. 

For live appearances the band feature alongside Miguel, Alexander van Herk, Rob Eelen and Thomas Noppe. 

The music styles fluctuate between psychedelic pop, dream pop, baroque pop, art rock, electric cabaret, surf rock and romantic rock. 

The lyrics contain a large sum of automatic poetry, strongly influenced by the early dada movement and the surrealist. Real experiences and anecdotes mingle with metaphors, leaving a free interpretation to the listener. 


Miguel Sosa, Jeroen Stevens, Elko Blijweert are members of the trio “The Archetypes”. 

Mauro Pawlowski and Miguel Sosa are also members of “The Parallels”. 

Mauro Pawlowski, Miguel Sosa, Pascal Deweze, Jeroen Stevens & Elko Blijweert participate often with “iH8 Camera”.

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