paul_otherPaul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences
We Are Not Other People
full cd – JF016 – 2008-09-15

“We Are Not Other People” is a collection of deceptively catchy primal pop songs shot through with a vein of black comedy that reinforces rather than deflects the savage emotional honesty of Hawkins’ lyrics. Songs range from the pure call-and-response rush of Huw Stephens’ favourite “I Fell in Love With a Moment in Time” to the apocalyptic broken disco of “Unexpected Error” and from the sheer punk thrash of “There Ain’t No Carrot, There Ain’t No Stick” to the epic murder ballad “Sarah Vincent”, with lyrics taking in traumatised soldiers, love-struck alcoholics drinking themselves to death and an old man driven by loneliness and boredom to seek a hospital admission by throwing himself down a staircase. 

Paul Hawkins maintains “It’s definitely a pop album, just pop done in a pretty twisted way. Some of the subject matter’s maybe a bit unusual but it’s hopefully done in an emotionally truthful way. I think with the kind of outsider characters I tend to write about it’s very easy to put them down as oddballs or weirdos and the challenge to me is to try and make the listener actually identify with the emotional reasoning going on in their minds”.

1. Unexpected Error 
2. I Fell In Love With A Moment In Time 
3. The Battle Is Over (feat. Diana De Cabarrus) 
4. Music Is My Enemy 
5. The Evil Thoughts 
6. There Ain’t No Carrot/There Ain’t No Stick 
7. I Had A Friend In Sarah Vincent 
8. The Cavalry Ain’t Coming 
9. Gentlemen On Crutches 
10. Don’t Be Afraid Of Love 
11. Hate Is All Around 
12. Timing Is Everything

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