lillouLil’ Lost Lou Merry Christmas (Here I Come)
cd single – JF026

Lil’ Lost Lou releases THE most exciting female fronted Christmas single OF ALL TIME! 

‘Merry Christmas (Here I Come)’ released on CD and download from 13th December 2010 

Proceeds from the single go to SHELTER FROM THE STORM registered charity 1125575 

Of all the women haunting the secret smog filled outsider art scene in London , Lou is by far the sassiest and dirtiest of them all. A princess of a weird dark country/punk-a-billy night life…. with admirers like Jack White and Billy Childish and lyrics like “I’ll take a new guy, for every year, and if I don’t die I’ll have another beer!” It’s obvious she could eat them all alive!

Merry Christmas (Here I Come) or should I say ‘here I cum!’ cos’ this is going to give you boys and girls the orgasm of your lives . It feels like one friggin’ huge ejaculation on X Factor as if Lil’ Lost Lou has taken an absinthe fuelled rock n roll swagger through the 12 days of Christmas, stolen the chocolates out of the advent calendar and filled the spaces with cocaine and condoms!!! 
Too fast! Too much abandon! Too bloody exciting to let you sleep!!… Spend this Christmas with Lil’ Lost Lou and you’ll feel as kool as Keith as hell raising as Hank and as sexy as The Slits …it’s bound to become the most memorable Christmas you’ve ever had! 

Lil’ Lost Lou are from London and are donating the profits of their single to local Islington charity 
‘Shelter From The Storm’ to raise money for beds and dinners for the homeless this Christmas. 

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