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The Jezus Factory was formed in 2006 by Andrew Bennett, John Douglas and Jerry Lewington out of a mutual obsession with Belgian music and an extreme frustration, fascination, anger and disgust with the contemporary record industry.
‘Welcome to the Jezus Factory’ is less a compilation album and more a wish list of musicians we have admired for a long time and some we have admired for a short time, a couple are even old sparring partners.
We avoided sticking to any one style, genre, age or area in the world.

The common thread that links the artists here is a lack of pretension, an independent attitude and an understanding of rock and roll. Think about that sentence.
Some bands are bigger than others, some bands are louder than others and some bands are more messed up than others…
Many of these tracks are exclusive to the Jezus Factory. The Love Substitutes, Creature With the Atom Brain, Black Brides, Paradox Proxy, Pox, Model/Actress, Matt Lane and Zodiacs, all tucked themselves in a sweaty studio, just for us. For some bands such as Pretty Vicious & Model/Actress, this is their first official UK release.

That’s why we owe it to these bands to ensure all good folk get to hear some things that are different

The buzz has already built via a shameless worldwide marketing campaign online and on the street targeting even the likes of Pete Doherty, Carl Barat (at their infamous ‘reunion’ drink at the Dublin Castle) and Zoë Ball.

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