ih8_1iH8 Camera – Volume 1 (Sold Out)

“You can’t say that i H8 Camera’s music resembles any one style due to its randomly-inspired nature, but there are traces of Beefheart and the Velvet Underground – two common reference points for many of these musicians’ bands. Volume 1 also has Sonic Youth-style guitar freakouts embellished with a brass section, and that comparison brings Nels Cline’s jazzier work and collaborations with Mike Watt to mind, too. One piece even sounds like Robert Fripp’s turned up to unleash an aural tornado with his boxes of guitar tricks.

For those who are already familiar with some of the Belgian bands I mentioned, i H8 Camera reuse elements of Kiss My Jazz and certainly some of the funk of Zita Swoon. The crazier times of early dEUS are also evoked: I’m particularly reminded of My Sister=My Clock, another single track LP. Fans of those bands’ experimental moments will most likely be fans of i H8 Camera by the time they’ve given this album a spin or two, whereas other listeners who favour a more predictable pop song structure might take a while to acclimatise to it… and some might not bond with it at all.

Rudy Trouve 
Mauro Pawlowski 
Thomass Noppe 
Elko Blijweert 
Bert Lenaerts 
Michiel Thijs 
Mark Meyers 
Craig Ward 
Jereon Stevens 
Adriaan van Aken 
Miguel Sosa 
Heyme Langbroek 
Teuk Henri 
Yuri van Uffelen 
Ephraim Cielen 
Pascal Deweze 
Frans van Isacker 
Aarich Jespers

Personally, I’ve grown rather fond of Volume 1. At first it seemed to be a mad idea but it’s managed to pull me back time and time again. Give i H8 Camera a listen; you’d be surprised how quickly 53 minutes can pass while you’re playing air dustbin-lid in time to the sound of all hell breaking loose” The Dreaded Press

“The press release proclaims this disc “free and fun to listen to”. It’s absolutely right” Is This Music?

“A chaos ridden mess” Glasswerk

“Yet another sumptuous artefact from the Jezuz Factory camp” Mudkiss


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