creature_transylvaniaCreature With The Atom Brain – Transylvania (CD)

Second full length from these critically acclaimed Belgian sons of Roky Erikson…

1. I Rise The Moon 
2. Color Of Sundown, The 
3. Something Is Wrong 
4. Transylvania 
5. Lonely Night 
6. Spinnin’ The Black Hole 
7. Darker Than A Dungeon 
8. Sound Of Confusion 
9. Make Noise 
10. Lonesome Whistle, The 
Classic Rock – “Perfect Stoner Rock”

Kerrang! ” Some of the hardest Rocking chill out music around”.

Front Magazine “These Belgian indie-rockers remind us of Queens Of The Stone Age’s less demented ditties-there’s lots of fuzzy, chugging riffs, and vocals that sound like they’re performed by a man who’s just returned from being lost in the desert for two months. It’s at the top end of ‘pretty good’.”

. Q Magazine 
**** “Long endorsed by Josh Homme, these Belgians’ stoner/psych credentials were impeccable even before Mark Lanegan and Chris Goss signed up for this sublimely lysergic second release.”

. Local Vertical 
“… Highly recommended, whether you are a fan of the genre or not.”

. Bizarre

**** “The second album from this Belgian band is a peyote-inlfected psychedelic treat. Maintaining an authentic desert rock sound, thanks to stellar production work from Chris Goss, Transylvania is a creepy and filthily grooved effort that features a guest turn from grunge/qotsa kingpin Mark Lanegan. The bone-dry riffs are easily recognisable nods to Texan psychedelic rock pioneer Roky Erickson, but the krautrock rhythms and inventive touches of African percussion ensure things say interesting long after the first spin.”

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