Craig Ward – New Third Lanark, JF039 CD Digipack

1. Tropic of Bennett 09:59 
2. The Tennant 07:35 
3. New Third Lanark 06:35 
4. Blazes as in Dixon 06:05 
5. Lemo 12:44

New Third Lanark is the debut solo record by guitarist Craig Ward.

You might know Craig from his work with an insanely diverse collection of groups that includes dEUS, Kiss My Jazz, The Frames, The Summer Of Mars, The Love Substitutes, Elton Genocide, iH8 Camera, True Bypass, Mark Mulholland & Craig Ward and A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen.

New Third Lanark contains ambient music. It consists of 5 improvisations for solo electric guitar, as processed by an armoury of devices. It was recorded in an attic room in Rotterdam, a couple of years ago. It has a portrait of a little boy on the front.

An Ash Ra Tempel like higher plain” – Monolith Cocktail

“Like all the best ambient records, sounds utterly effortless and graceful” – Six Days From Tomorrow

“Lunar lilted tripping woozy montages” – Losing Today


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