Cassini Division: short story 

I made 3 albums with this project: the first LP “Cassini Division” with the colorful Dennis Tyfus’s covercame up on Subdeviant a Conspiracy Record label,it was made in Antwerp in 2001 
5 tracks, 3 of them run on full free jungle fast speed, reversed drums tapes, sampler, keys, and brasses 
melt on a psychedelic voyage,. the last track “Rings” an eastern mantra, counts with the clarinet of Saar van de Leest (from Capsule) 
the second CD is “Nocturnes”(2003) artwork silkscreened by Rufus, and the the third CD” Triplex”(2007) were released on the label “Pink Inside” this one the artwork made by Guy Rombouts and Chris Gillis, only were printed 100 copies , the music and the concept of the album is more dark and minimal, from electro acoustic to classical, part of the music was used on the film of Merzedes Sturm Lie “The Garden of Eden” 
Cassini Division records were made mainly on a 4 track Tascam tape recorder, the analogue fat sound of the Moog Opus 3 and 
also Cassini Division has used intensively the drum computer Alesis HR16B, much used in the Detroit and Chicago house scene, but in this case the it is programmed differently, reproducing textures, mantras or even a string quartet on like on “Nocturnes”. 
Cassini Division live performances are rare though, they played with a 4 band piece in the festival 
La Lieu Unique in Nantes 
“Triplex” has different sound, migrating to a new digital phase more pristine and mechanic, the multi track is extended on layers 
, the DAT recorder used as an instrument, a source for sampling, the soundtrack theme is there, the 
sun, the rain, the colored air… 
There are possibilities of releasing a new album in 2010 at the Pink Inside label. 

Also Cassini acts 
under different nicknames: Alessio Pucci, Miguel Angel, 
Miguel Angel 3D. Lost,. 
Cassini Division also works with Teun de Lange in the electro acoustic duo 
“Really Ready” 

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