benzen_tonyThe 3rd album from Benny Zen is a 22 track long concept album of sorts with songs about the below people and also has had a staggering 22 promo videos created for it; an excellent concept and a very very fine album…

(Terry Gilliam) 
(Natalie Merchant) 
(Jonathan Richman) 
(Tina Weymouth) 
(Stephen Hawking) 
(Richard Feynman) 
(Daniel C. Dennett) 
(Nikola Tesla) 
(R Stevie Moore) 
(Kate Bush) 
(Mark Everett)
(Ringo Starr) 
(Lee Scratch Perry) 
(Frida Lyngstad) 
(Francis Rossi) 
(Jimmy White) 
(Pierre Alain Volondat) 
(Ayrton Senna) 
(Robert Crumb)

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