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Floyd Is Warped promo video

Second full length album from the masters of noise rock. Craig Ward, Paul Lamont and Butsenzeller. Artwork again by Bert Lezy, gatefold sleeve.

“Holed up in some Belgian bunker, the trio must have been force-fed a staple diet of John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman for extended periods of time because the influence of those two jazz greats courses through the veins of The History Of Music: A Mosaic. Trout Mask Replica territory of squalling racket and untutored jazz. But just like Captain Beefheart’s masterpiece it does contain moments of fractured beauty when, and not for the first time, Ward’s guitar apes that of Robert Fripp.” – God Is In The TV

“Stone Roses jamming with the Throbbing Gristle” – Monolith Cocktail

Echoes And Dust

“Brilliant…a sprawling mass of post-rock and psychedelic experimentation with elements of free-form jazz” – Famous Last Words

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