10 Years of Jezus Factory Highly Limited Free Compilation

Well, I was trying to think of the right time to say something poetic and all encompassing but there is such a stream of news and activity happening around the bands in and around Jezus Factory something has always got in the way… Anyhow it has been a whole decade since we started and to honour this we made a compilation called ‘God Owes Us a Hot Tub’ in thrall to Heaven Hotel as ever… Bert Lezy designed the excellent sleeve.

While stocks last (we don’t actually have that many left) you can get a FREE copy with any purchase in the Jezus Factory Webshop

You can also stream or buy the compilation digitally from only 50p on our bandcamp page

1.Grand Blue Heron – Call The Shots
2.Butsenzeller – According To Plan
3.Creature With The Atom Brain – Mind Your Own God
4.The Beat Maras – Posideon And The Tidal Wave
5.Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences – Music Is My Enemy
6.Sukilove – Fear
7.Wilderwolves – Disco, Dance
8.Roy Santiago – The Sun Is In Your Eyes
9.True Bypass – Hallway
10.Mark Mulholland & Craig Ward – A Strange Place
11.Rudy Trouvé РLogical Order
12.Benny Zen; The Recording Artist Featuring The Syphilis Madmen
13.Extradition Order – Killing Presidents
14.Lil Lost Lou – Bad Bad Girl
15.A Clean Kitchen Is A Happy Kitchen – Farmers With Televisions
16.Silent Front – Plunder
17.Black Cassette – Funny
18.Nu Nog Even Niet – Bouwverlof
19.Strumpets – Without Brakes
20.Frankétienne & Mark Mulholland РPeyi-a
21.Craig Ward – New Third Lanark

We are planning an extra special release coming up relatively soon, but of course we can’t thank all of you enough for actually supporting physical music. Every single person that ever bought something from us is the reason I’ve ruined my life doing this.